Post-Construction Clean-Up

We work as a team for post-construction clean ups. We ensure all areas of a home or apartment are clean and dust free, and ready for someone to move in. The following is a general list of what is normally done with a post construction clean up. Each case is different and will vary as necessary.


Sheetrock Mud

Sheetrock mud is dissolved and removed

All Fixtures

All fixtures: dusted, cleaned as necessary, rinsed, and dried

All Mirrors

All mirrors: polished, ensuring a streak-free shine

All Labels/Stickers

All labels/stickers: removed from toilets and fixtures



Cabinets: cleaned out, removing all shavings and dust (from drilling holes)

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles: polished, removing fingerprints


Refrigerator (if any): cleaned out, removing tape and interior packaging from the moving process, all stickers removed

Stove and Oven

Stove and oven: everthing is cleaned out and dusted, removing any stickers and interior packaging from the moving process


Microwave: the microwave is cleaned out, removing any stickers or packaging



Floors: vacuumed and washed, usually washed more than once as necessary


Floors: vacuumed and washed, usually washed more than once as necessary


Baseboards/moldings/spindles: dusted and cleaned

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures: dusted and cleaned, and all stickers removed


Walls: dry dusted as necessary to remove loose dust


Windows: cleaned inside and outside of tilt-in windows, all stickers removed

Glass Doors

Glass doors: cleaned inside and outside

Door Knobs

Door Knobs: polished as necessary to remove fingerprints and dust

Cabinets/Built Ins

Cabinets/built ins: vacuumed and cleaned out to remove dust, wood shavings, etc.

Why Use Our Services

Be greeted by a warm and clean environment

It is more cost effective to pay your employees to do their job well and not have them worry about constantly keeping the workplace clean. When schedules become busy, cleaning is one of the first things to go.
Employee Morale
Employee Morale
Employee Morale
Morale in the workplace can start to sink when the work environment is not up to par. Having a clean office can sometimes boost an employee’s efficiency, bringing it closer to maximum levels.
We provide all the necessary equipment and supplies to clean your office on a regular basis. Clients will be greeted by a warm and clean environment, allowing them to concentrate on their own jobs.
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