Residential Clean Outs

We have many years of experience with cleaning real estate. Our specialty is cleaning empty homes and getting them back into move-in condition.

This is what typically happens when a house is sold:

NYS law states that a house needs to be “broom swept” at closing. “Broom swept” means different things to people, but the homeowner is often busy with the actual “moving” that cleaning the house become a difficult “chore”. Thus, the house is generally wiped down without real cleaning. The new owner, however, doesn’t really know what the previous owner did or didn’t do-perhaps things might look clean, but are they really clean? So the new owner often spends precious time and money to clean the entire house before moving in. We can save both sellers and buyers time and money by taking away the responsibility of cleaning. Fees vary depending on the size and condition of each home, and fees can be paid at closing if more convenient. Please call us for a free quote.

This is a typical list of what will be done in a house for a new homeowner:



Fully clean inside and outside, pulling out unit to clean behind and under, polishing stainless steel as necessary


Clean inside of oven and the stovetop, removing all grease and dirt, clean stove-top grates, polishing stainless steel as necessary


Clean inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers, removing dirt and grease, removing old shelf-liner if desired (and if possible…). New shelf liner can be installed if desired and supplied by the new homeowner. Concentrate on the corners so that the new owner can simply unpack and put dishes away.


Clean and disinfect countertops


Scrub and disinfect sink and faucet, removing mineral stains and water deposits as necessary


Clean inside and outside of microwave, especially in corners


Disinfect and remove mineral stains in dishwasher as much as possible


Clean the inside and outside of any other appliances as possible



Clean inside and outside of toilets, removing water deposits and stains. We will also replace the seats and lids if the new homeowner supplies them


Fully clean and disinfect all showers and tubs, removing soap scum and hard water/mineral stains


Fully clean and disinfect sinks and faucets, removing soap scum and hard water/mineral stains


Clean inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers, removing dirt and residues, removing old shelf-liner if desired (and if possible…). Concentrate on the corners so that the new owner can simply unpack and put personal items away.


Fully clean and disinfect countertops

Other Areas


Fully clean and scrub all window/door/baseboard moldings, as well as stairway spindles


Remove all cobwebs in every corner and crevice


All walls will be dust mopped to remove dirt and debris, and spot washed as necessary to remove fingerprints. A full washing and disinfecting of the walls can be done for an additional fee.

Hard Floors

All hard floors will be vacuumed and washed as appropriate. Wood floors will be damp mopped. A floor restorer can be applied if desired and supplied by the new homeowner. Tile Floors will be scrubbed with an automatic scrubber to ensure deep down clean for both tile and grout.


All carpets will be vacuumed well, especially in corners and along the walls. Carpet Cleaning can be arranged if desired for an additional fee with our network of professional carpets cleaners

Windows/Glass doors

All interior windows will be cleaned. Exterior windows will be cleaned upon request for a small additional fee. All glass doors will be cleaned inside and out.

Light fixtures/Ceiling fans

All light fixtures will be cleaned as possible. Sconces and globes if possible will be removed to be cleaned and then returned to their respective areas. Ceiling fans will have all blades cleaned. Any lights/fans in a two-story area will be cleaned on a case by case basis pending insurance regulations.

Door knobs/Light switches

all door knobs/light switches/electrical plates will be cleaned and disinfected as necessary.


For finished basements, it will be treated as above like the rest of the house. For unfinished basements, the area and floor will be vacuumed to remove cobwebs and debris. Hot water heaters will be dusted and cleaned as possible.


The garage will be swept out, and all cobwebs removed

Exterior of home

The entry way will be cleaned and rid of cobwebs. The front steps will be swept out. If necessary or desired, the entire exterior of the residence will be pressure washed with our network of trusted power washing professionals.


We will do our best throughout the home to clean whatever is possible to ensure that any new owners can simply unpack and move their things right in. If something is not listed above, please be assured that we can get it to move-in condition.

Why Use Our Services

Be greeted by a warm and clean environment

It is more cost effective to pay your employees to do their job well and not have them worry about constantly keeping the workplace clean. When schedules become busy, cleaning is one of the first things to go.
Employee Moral
Employee Moral
Employee Moral
Moral in the workplace can start to sink when the work environment is not up to par. Having a clean office can sometimes boost an employee’s efficiency, bringing it closer to maximum levels.
We provide all the necessary equipment and supplies to clean your office on a regular basis. Clients will be greeted by a warm and clean environment, allowing them to concentrate on their own jobs.
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