Tile, Grout & Concrete Cleaning

We’ll Get Any Tile Looking Clean & Shiny

Removal of Dirt and Bacteria
Eliminate Grout Mold
No Resources Left Behind
Create Healthier Environment
Enhances the Appearance
Extend Tile Life

Did you know it’s possible to clean your Tile and Grout and make it look New again? That’s right! We have special tools that attach to our Carpet Cleaning Truck, producing water and steam up to 240° F, and creates pressures up to 1200 psi. This heat and pressure blasts the embedded dirt out of Tile and Grout. It removes dirt and bacteria, eliminates grout mold, and does not leave any residues behind. This enhances the appearance, extends the life of the tile and grout, and creates a Healthier Environment.

Cafeteria Tile and Grout cleaning with TurboForce

Moldy Block Wall Cleaning

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